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Suffering in silence

Updated: Oct 8, 2021


You see this title and shrink within yourself as you do not want to admit that this is true. How many of us do suffer in silence but do not accept it. "Suffering in silence" is generally associated with mental health issues; however, it also could be relatable to most of us in this society, especially in current times. For me, suffering in silence also means being overwhelmed with stress and anxiety but carrying on anyway because that is what society expects of us. However, if we don't realise and accept that we are struggling, it will pile up and burst when we least expect it.

Struggling with being stuck at home with no end in sight. Some are single and living alone; then some have children and are homeschooling. We are all struggling in some form or another. The statement "suffering in silence" may sound extreme; however, aren't most of us to some extent?

Struggling on the inside but just getting on with life because that's what we are meant to do. We are not focusing on ourselves or our goals and aspirations because we are trying to keep up with the waves coming in, trying not to drown.


Many of us, myself included who believe in a higher power, whatever that may be. To me, it's God, but to you it could be something entirely different. Regardless of this belief, we still have moments in our life where we crumble, and the belief we had in that higher power feels non-existent. We meditate, pray, and have moments of silence, but then the moment is gone, life begins, and it's one hurdle after another. What do you do in this instance? How do you overcome this moment of overwhelm? I have come across these moments many times, especially in the last few months, struggling with overwhelm, trying to keep all the balls up in the air, ensuring it doesn't fall.

Then I see old habits emerging, keeping my struggles to myself, putting on a brave face and getting through the day, a couple of glasses of wine to calm the nerves, settle my anxiety. Finally, I see myself slowly slip into the hole of "suffering in silence". In my heart, I knew that I did not want to go back to the beginning; I didn't want to go to the hell I was in. So I asked the higher power for help; I asked to be shown a clear path.

Have you ever sat down and listened to your higher power, really listened? When you do, you find clarity within yourself, the answer you have been searching for.


This is a topic on its own, but I had to speak about this because once upon a time, if I were struggling, I would not have shown my vulnerability; I would keep going. However, through experiences and learnings, I now know showing vulnerability is a strength and not a weakness. So I asked for help; I knew I was starting to drown. I asked for help from my husband, and I spoke to my coach with honesty, things I would have once hidden due to shame, but I realised there was nothing to be ashamed of, as there is nothing wrong with asking for help. That was my first step, then I took a step back and looked at everything I have achieved so far and realised that I had grown so much, so why go backwards?

Sometimes it takes one step to move you in the right direction, don't look at the whole mountain look at what is in front of you right now and what you can do to come out of the struggles you are facing.

"We all suffer battles that no one knows about, and perhaps those who appear to have it all together have simply layered on the facade so thick that no one suspects a thing" Journey with

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