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The downward spiral

In 2013 after the birth of my second son I experienced pain & numbness in my right side. Many tests were done, scan after scan lots of money down the drain only to be told the pain I was experiencing was a total mystery, I tried to explain it could possibly an epidural situation gone wrong, as the birth with my second son was a difficult one, however that was quickly dismissed. The pain began to get worse, numbness turned into burning sensation, then stiffness in my neck and shoulders & many more symptoms. There were days I could barely move. We saw other neurologists for second and third opinions but there we all dumbfounded by my symptoms. I was later referred to a neurosurgeon who listened to my symptoms and was determined that he was able to provide me a relief to my pain, I was asked to do more tests and when the tests came back and showed no obvious issues, I was sent on my merry way with a script to strong pain medication.

Listening to my family and friends who suggested I try another avenue I decided to speak with an immunologist, however my issue was not related to an auto immune disease, I was however told I have nerve damage, but this unfortunately cannot be medically treated and I was indeed a "unique" case.

2017 I resigned from my job, the stress of a job plus 2 kids was too much to handle. However after working for so long and then not having a place to go, to interact with adults and keep my brain occupied, it created a whole other area of problems. The famous saying goes "Idle hands makes devils play" and that's exactly what happened in this scenario. The pain didn’t get better & wine became my best friend, it was my only escape. This is my story and the beginning of my downward spiral.....