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The Year It Was.....

What a year it has been! A year filled with uncertainties & crossroads. Some have made changes in their career, their relationships, and some have struggled through the craziness this world is still going through.

For me, this year was a lot more of a challenge than the last. Homeschooling was not easy, and I am sure many parents will agree with this statement. However, it was not just homeschooling; it was also that they were with me all the time, so many questions constantly. There was no such thing as a break from the time we all woke up to when they went to bed. My routine, as well as theirs, went through the window. I am definitely grateful for my boys, and I cannot live without them, but as a human being, it is also essential to have a little bit of space from your loved one's. As the saying goes, "distance makes the heart grow fonder".

The heart did not have space to grow fonder!

Also, forget about keeping the house clean; clean? What does that even mean when you have kids in the house 24/7? I gave up after the first week of homeschooling! Were you going as crazy as I was with the constant mess? I felt like it was groundhog day!

Bad Habits Re-emerging

Dealing with the three of us in lockdown, on top of each other and my struggles to get my business up and running, the overwhelm and stress came back into my life like a hurricane. I saw myself revert to some bad habits, habits I thought I had conquered. Little did I realise, it was just lurking there in the background. It took control over me for a while, till it became clear that I was heading towards that rabbit hole that I was once in, and I knew that was not where I wished to head, not this time. I knew my trigger, and that was me just wanting some time out, and when I wanted time out, the first thing I did was have a few glasses of wine. I saw my pattern and realised that this was not the path I wanted to go down, it was time to make some changes. This time around, I had more tools in my pocket to conquer my triggers and focus on my mindset, change my habits and manifest new ones. With the help of my coach, I was then able to get back on track to be the best that I could be and end this year and continue my future with a healthy mind and body.

What did you hide behind this year?

What habits have you reverted to during these uncertain times? Is it overindulging in food? Alcohol? Smoking? or just procrastination? Whatever it might be, please do not beat yourself up for it. We all go through these times just as long as we do not get stuck and find the learning in our challenges. Instead, find the pattern in where you had fallen off the wagon, when it began and why it began, and once you have this clarity, it will be easy to take just one step to make the change.

Most importantly, ask yourself, "will I do it?" If there is a slight doubt or you are in conflict with yourself, speak to someone who can guide you through this process, hold you accountable to be the best version of yourself.

End the year with a silver lining

Unfortunately, this year my husband, kids & I were not able to enjoy extended family time over Christmas as I was waiting on my covid test results. I was hoping the results would come through by Christmas day; however, they never came.

I was anxious and disappointed, as, after 35 years of Christmas tradition, this was the first year where I had not spent time with my extended family. But, regardless of how upset I was, I didn't allow it to consume me; what was the point? I could not control the situation, and if I let the problem affect me emotionally, I would not have realised what I had right in front of me, and that was my three boys.

I had to see the silver lining in this not so great situation, and the silver lining was to spend quality time as a family with my husband and the boys having precious father son's time, something we rarely have due to my husbands work schedule. There was a reason this happened, the universe telling us it was time to stop and appreciate each other.

What has been the silver lining for you this year? Sometimes, it is hard to see the positive when you feel life is crumbling around you, and you are allowed to be saddened by it or even get angry, let yourself feel it, don't just brush it under the carpet. However, don't stay in these emotions, don't get stuck to the bitterness of the negativity. Instead, look around you; what are you grateful for? What is positive you can see in your struggles this year?

Life throws us curve balls all the time; it's how you decide to deal with these curveballs that matters. So instead of wallowing in being the victim, why not look at what you have learnt from the challenges you have faced this year? What strengths have you developed this year? Then, if you look back at everything you have overcome, you will be able to see your silver lining.

End the year by forgiving the past and looking forward to the future; I believe every day is a new beginning. You do not need a brand new year to start the rest of your life the way you want to; you only need a brand new day!

"Go out and conquer the year 2022, it's time to live the life you deserve to live; I believe in you!"

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